ESRA E-Day RVI 2018 – Videos

The Group of Regional Anaesthetists (GORA) recently hosted an ESRA E-Day at our very own Royal Victoria Infirmary. 
Videos from the lectures and tutorials can be found below.

We would like to thank Jamie Hutchinson and the rest of the team at Picture Canning North for their generosity in providing us with professional quality audiovisual equipment for the day.

RA for upper limb – what’s new? (Ashwani Gupta / Khristianne Greenhalgh) US ankle block (Nat Haslam)
RA for total knee arthroplasty – what’s new? (Nat Haslam) Paravertebral block (MK Varma)
Paravertebral vs Erector Spinae (MK Varma & Duncan Hamilton) Erector Spinae block (MK Varma)
Spinal ultrasound (Baskar Manickam) Abdominal wall (Jonathan Womack)
Abdominal wall (Adnaan Qureshi) Gastric volume (Baskar Manickam)
PECS blocks (MK Varma)