FascioScapuloHumeral Dystrophy

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Had an interesting case today. A 28 year old guy with a condition called fascioscapulohumeral dystrophy. He was having a unilateral thoracoscapular fixation, and having never done this before, I wasn’t sure which block(s) to do, or even if it was possible to cover this surgery with a regional technique. The incision is a paramidline […]

Catheters and anticoagulation?

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So had a patient this weekend that left me wondering. Gentleman in his 70s, AF and PPM on dabigatran, last dose 24 hours ago. Normal bloods. Fallen and had some posterolateral rib fractures, and wasn’t managing with oral meds / oramorph and had some early signs of a chest infection. Couldn’t deep breathe or cough […]