This section will provide links to documents (such as presentations and posters) created to publish findings from projects undertaken in the regional anaesthesia department of the RVI. 

Safety, complications and clinical outcome after ultrasound-guided paravertebral catheter insertion for rib fracture analgesia: a single-centre retrospective observational study 

J. Womack, J. D. Pearson, I.A. Walker, N.M. Stephens, B.A. Goodman - Published in Anaestheisa, 2019

Patient Satisfaction: Day Case Domiciliary Interscalene Catheter Service for Shoulder Surgery

A. Bartakke, J. Womack, K. Anderson, M. Varma

A National Survey of Pre-operative Analgesia in Patients with Proximal Femoral Fractures

I.Walker, C. Browell, S.Ahmed, F. El-Jelani, J.Womack, M.Varma

Development of a fascia iliaca catheter service for fractured neck of femur - 2 year experience 

F. Eljelani, J. Womack, B. Goodman, A. Blackburn, M. Varma

Improving preoperative analgesia for fractured neck of femur - A retrospective analysis of an ultrasound guided fascia iliaca catheter service

F. Eljelani, J. Womack, B. Goodman, M. Varma

Improving quality, experience and throughput: Use of regional anaesthesia for mastectomy

F. Eljelani, B. Goodman, H. Dawson

Pre-operative US guided Supra-inguinal FI catheters associated with reduced delirium after NOF

D. Buckley, B. Goodman, J.Womack, A. Qureshi, N.Stephens

Patient satisfaction after hand trauma surgery performed under regional anaesthesia

D. Buckley, S. Ahmed, S. Khan, H. Krishnamurthy

Implementation of a continuous scoring system for chest trauma patients in a UK L1 MTC

A. Qureshi, M. Cole

Outcome after US guided thoracic paravertebral catheters for rib fractures: A retrospective analysis of 4 years' practice at a UK MTC

J. Womack, B. Goodman, N. Stephens, I. Walker, J. Pearson

A combination of e-learning and cadaveric workshops improves confidence in performing supra-inguinal fascia iliaca blocks

M. James, S. Prasad, J.Womack, A. Qureshi, D. Buckley, I. Walker