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Are you an NHS organisation looking to realise the advantages of low cost automated patient follow up?

NUSGRA now offer a fully bespoke and tailored digital solution to gathering vital patient feedback, which has been developed and used in-house for over 3 years.
  • Fully customisable SMS message content
  • Sender ID configurable to unique telephone number, or organisation name
  • Option for patient replies to route to clinician email address(es), with auto-responder SMS and any clinician email replies sent back as SMS (unless opting to send messages as a Name)
  • Customisable patient entry portal featuring organisation branding, allowing collection of patient SMS number and other data fields, including Local Hospital Ref Number as a minimum.
  • Customisable and secure patient facing data entry page featuring organisation branding, auto-formatted to any device screen
  • Conditional logic technology allowing follow-on questions fields to depend upon previous answers
  • Unique secure URL (with username / password logon) and mandatory 2 factor login verification for administrative access to data (fully searchable and filterable tables, and dynamic charting / reporting tools).
  • Option to have every response (or selected responses, based upon answers to questions) auto-emailed to one or more email addresses

Watch Dr Qureshi providing a tour of a typical NUSGRA SMS followup system

Potential applications include:
  • "Safety-net" orientated dissemination of advice to day case patients after undergoing treatments
  • Distribution of follow-up questionnaires eg after interventions such as nerve blocks, epidurals, pain procedures etc
  • Data collection for QI projects (Quality of Recovery, Complications, Side effects, Pain management etc)
  • Establishing status-quo prior to QI interventions allowing patient focused measures of impact / improvement
  • Permitting friction-less communication between selected patients groups and front line clinicians
Examples of optionally configured automated emails after patient response received
System process outline
  • NHS Organisation takes patient consent and enters mobile number along with local hospital reference number into data entry portal
  • Customised message(s) sent to patient at predefined time interval(s)
  • Patient clicks on link to leave feedback at secure website
  • Patient forwarded to confirmation screen or other webpage as per NHS Organisation's requirement
  • Encrypted patient responses stored securely at NUSGRA, with data linked to patient's local hospital number
  • NHS Organisation uses supplied credentials at unique secure URL to view / edit / delete / chart data

Below is an example of how a patient facing data entry site can be configured. All graphics, text, and questions can be customised to the Organisation's needs. We can also provide custom URL for patient facing pages.

Looking for expanded functionality?

Closed circle followup systems are also available as a cost option:

  • All entered patients viewable from one worklist
  • Visual markers to identify patients who have completed on-line followup
  • Ability to undertake face to face followups using the same worklist

We will create a bespoke service to meet your requirements. There will be an initial one-off fee for the consultancy and building of the service which will depend on the complexity of your needs. Indicative costs for a basic system are approx. £1000 for the initial build and set up. Ongoing costs will apply to cover all SMS expenses, security, backup, upgrades, maintenance and technical support. This will vary from £100 per month upwards, depending on volume.


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Interested in learning more?

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